About Space Realty

We have been serving for more than two decades and all our endeavors are to attain the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

Space Realty  consulting Agency

Space Realty Is a Well established property brokerage agency. We strongly believe in meeting our clients every need by offering a complete solution of real estate services, from sales, of Innovate professionals work with passion transparency to get the desired result. Our core area of business is towards commercial corporate leasing on a central India basis and we have been confidently delivering excellent services through the integration of empowered people, combined with two decades of experience and expertise. We have experts in every field to guide our clients skillfully from the beginning to the end of their real estate journey to find them the best way of living, doing business and investing.

Real Estate consultants purpose and advantage

You need a consultant if you lack experience with the real estate market. Accompanying a professional expert is essential, especially when buying or leasing for the first time. You probably don't know exactly what to look for when buying or viewing, the risk of a wrong decision is relatively high on your own.

For this reason, comprehensive real estate advice is advantageous - also in terms of time. The real estate consultant searches for suitable objects based on your specifications and gives you the option to pre-select them. You save a lot of time and nerves because you only have to visit the proposed properties. The consultant accompanies you on every visit, answers your questions and helps you with the purchase decision. The services go far beyond those of the real estate agent and can include the following points:

  • Advice on property leasing or purchases including an individual financing concept,
  • Legal advice on the design options of the contract as well tax advice, including depreciation.

For the viewing appointment, we have put together a checklist that you can use to pay attention to all the relevant points:


The biggest difference between a real estate agent and a consultant is their success-based work. Therefore, of course, he is interested in a lucrative marketing of an object. Real estate advisors, on the other hand, are paid for their specialist knowledge and advise you with an objective view.